Alejandro Orsi (TAMU, Chief Scientist)
Isa Rosso (SIO/UCSD, Co-Chief Scientist)
Loicka Baille (TAMU, CTD watchstander)
Kay McMonigal (RSMAS, CTD watchstander)
Mike Kovatch (SIO/UCSD, CTD watchstander)
Daniela Faggiani-Dias (SIO/UCSD, CTD watchstander)
Susan Becker (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
Melissa Miller (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
Joseph Gum (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
John Calderwood (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
Zachary Anderson (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
Andrew Barna (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
Kenneth Jackson (SIO/UCSD, CTDO, S, O2, nuts)
David Cooper (UT, CFC, SF6)
Mark Lopez (UT, CFC, SF6)
Garrett Walsh (TAMU, CFC, SF6)
Patrick Mears (NOAA/AOML, DIC)
Andrew Collins (NOAA/PMEL, Underway pCO2)
Manuel Belmonte (SIO/UCSD, TAlk, pH)
Wiley Wolfe  (SIO/UCSD, TAlk, pH)
Kayleen Fulton  (SIO/UCSD, TAlk, pH)
Chelsi Lopez (RSMAS, DOC,TDN,DOM, 13C, 14C)
Benjamin Musci (U of Georgia, LADCP)
Giuliana Viglione (Caltech, Gliders)
Max Kotz (Caltech, Gliders)
Jessica Pretty (U of Alaska, UVP)

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